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Travelling Couples: Lisa & George Rajna of We Said Go Travel

Travelling Couples

Today we have the fine pair behind the super blog We Said Go Travel.  With well over 100 countries tucked away in Lisa and George’s repetoire, these guys are experts!  Their blog is full of videos, info and tales from far flung places so make sure you check them out. But first, let’s hear how they travel successfully as a married couple…

1.  Could you briefly introduce yourselves and your site?

Hello! We are a traveling couple. I worked for seven years at sea for Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Renaissance Cruises in the youth program and as cruise staff and went scuba diving and traveling on six continents. My husband George lived in Paraguay as part of the Peace Corps Program and traveled around South America. Both of us had been to nearly 100 countries (by Traveler’s Century Club count) before we met.

Travelling Couples

2. Tell us the story!  How did you guys meet and what made you choose to write a travel blog?

George found me online—and we started traveling together almost immediately. Our first journey was to Fiji and Vanuatu. In Vanuatu, we went to a village, met a Peace Corps worker and I had my first bucket bath. When we started our first year-long journey, we wrote a newsletter every month. After we got married, we went from our “He Said, She Said” to our website: We said Go Travel.

3. Individually, what are the things you are best at when it comes to your blog?

I do most of the website organization and George takes the photos. We both write but only George records the music!

4. What has been your favorite place so far?

We always want to go back to is Thailand! We got engaged underwater in Koh Lipe and cannot wait to return to visit the gorgeous island (and have the chicken skewers on the road).

Travelling Couples

5. Tell us about the best cultural experience you’ve had? And what’s been your worst moment?

George: The worst two moments of our year trip together were both in Mongolia. Once Lisa tricked me into eating gross goat gruel and in Terelij while hiking we got separated from one another. After eleven months, it was the first time and I kept looking for her and I couldn’t find her; I wasn’t going to be able to go home without her.

Lisa: The most memorable cultural experience was dancing at a wedding in Moni, Flores, Indonesia. The men kept asking George if they could dance with me. They told him I looked like a movie star.

Travelling Couples

6. How do you handle spending so much time together? Any secrets to share?

George: Lisa is my best travel partner. I picked her on the internet as I was looking for someone interested in exotic international travel. I had traveled independently for years and enjoyed being on my own schedule but we travel really well together.

Lisa: Be flexible. Be gracious and give each other space.

Travelling Couples

7. What are your biggest challenges with travel blogging?

My biggest challenge ever with travel blogging has been this week. Verizon turned off my internet EIGHT days too early. I feel like I am already traveling as this week I have used wifi at Starbucks, the library and the mall.

 Travelling Couples

8. This is the dangerous one… Is there anything you would change about your partner when it comes to your experiences travelling? (Now no fighting please, criticism is productive remember!)

George: I like Lisa’s hair straight.

Lisa: We have an agreement not to fight in the morning. When we take early flights, we sometimes fight at the airport. So now I look at him and say, “Remember, we don’t fight in the morning!”

9. It’s a sweeping statement in the travel world that ‘you’re not really travelling if you’re with a partner’. Seeing as so many people travel as a twosome, this seems a little odd to us. What do you have to say about this?

George: I have traveled by myself and now with Lisa. I agree that traveling on your own makes you more open to meeting people and that locals might be more apt to approach you. However, if you are open and friendly as a couple there is ample opportunities to meet people. At least for me personally, the element of the lone traveler latching onto others for company is removed from the equation.

Lisa: We heard Paul Theroux speak and he mentioned that people in a pair or a group do not really interact with locals. We always meet other travelers on the road and love to chat with people we meet. I think it is often more where you stay or the vibe you give off than if you are traveling single or as a duo.
 Travelling Couples
10.What’s next on your agenda? Do you both have any travel goals for the year?

We leave July 1st for a summer in Indonesia as the start to a year meandering in South East Asia. Follow us on our site:

Maybe we can meet up on the road!

Thanks guys!  We love South East Asia just as much as you so see ya there!

If you’d like to follow their trip through Indonesia and check out where they’ve been to date, go over to We Said Go Travel and say hello on Twitter too.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful interview! We cannot wait to get on the road again on Sunday! Lisa and George
    Lisa Niver Rajna recently posted..Mardin, Turkey – Reclaiming its history for the world to seeMy Profile

  2. Julia says:

    I love this – there is definitely a way to make travelign with your partner possible! But flexibility and graciousness (and time apart) are NECESSARY!
    Julia recently posted..Feminism and travel, my two favorite things!My Profile


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