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The 5 Must-Dos on a Maui Vacation

We’ve had a couple of travel bloggers measure up Maui before on but we’ve never really shone light on what else Hawaii’s premier island spot has to offer for those who want more than just a backpacking experience. From adventure sports that stir the senses, to more relaxed pursuits, Maui has a mighty melange of must-do activities. In this article we take a look at five of the hottest ones of the minute and talk about what exactly you can expect trying your hand and experiencing them.

The island also offers plenty of accommodation options, but if you want something a bit more special (and private) than the usual hotel or resort experience, you should consider booking a Maui vacation rental. They vary in price an quality, and you can probably find something to fit any budget.


Maui, regarded by many as one of the most beautiful places on earth, is definitely a place you’ll want to see from both land and sea. Thanks to yacht tour operators like Jayhawk that operate out of the island, the chance to sun yourself on deck or look out to sea at the hope of catching a glimpse of whales is entirely possible. Sailing is done in friendly ecotourist fashion, with the guys at Jawhawk even tailoring sailing trips exactly to your tastes. Scuba diving and island touring are just some of the things guests most want to do but that’s not to say that you’re limited to those things alone. Sailing around the islands is an experience in itself; and a perfect one at that for the less adrenalin-ridden traveler. Honeymooners may just find themselves in even further paradise.


Hawaii is to surfing what England is to cricket. The home, the motherland, the place it all started. Maui, one of North America’s proudest surfing spots, is probably one of the best places you could try your hand at it out of anywhere in the world.

With companies like Kiva River’s Rivers to the Surf, you’d put yourself in good hands to have a go. Kiva’s experience teaching surfing to the masses extends to celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Clint Eastwood and more. Elsewhere you’ll find all the equipment you need to get started with stores like Maui’s Honolulu Surf Company having years of experience suiting and booting up newcomers to the sport.

In Maui, the waves are at their most friendly for beginners in light wind. The pros suggest heading to South Maui and beaches like Guard Rails Beach, Launiupoko Beach and Ukumahame Beach for the small, gentle, long breaking waves perfect for those fresh to the sport.


Lest we forget, Maui’s interior is just as splendid and stunning as that of it’s ocean fare. So whether you’re a seasoned trekker, a hobbyist hiker or just someone who just wants to walk, the terrain is varied and the routes are rich. Backed by relaxing Hawaiian vibes, cool breeze and as much sun as you like, what more reason do you need to explore the island on foot?

Beginners will be well served with routes like the Pipiwai Trail, a walk around towering banyan trees, poster-worthy bridges and vast bamboo forests that finishes up at a 400ft waterfall. Enthusiasts and those a little more accustomed to walking might enjoy the Waihe’e Ridge Trail, situated on a ridge in the West Maui Montains. A 2.5 mile hike on a slight incline, the climb is worth it for all-round ocean views, waterfalls and more.

For the hardcore? There’s always the Commando hike, a night hike in darkness that includes swimming segments and a descent down a waterfall chute. Tough yet gaining in popularity.


Back on land again there’s always the beaches. But that’s not to make Maui’s beaches sound run-of-the-mill. These are world-renowned as being some of the best on earth. In fact, with over 30-miles of beaches on the island, selecting a spot can be quite an overwhelming choice. Fleming Beach, a near half-mile long stretch of sand, is a great pick in the North West area of the island (and is also one of the only lifeguarded ones in the area too).

Elsewhere, on the southern edge, there’s Makena Beach. Separated into two spots; “Big Beach” and “Little Beach”, Makena, on a clear day, also offers views of Mauna Kea. Makena, along with Wailea Beach, is said to have some of the clearest water out of all Maui’s amazing beaches.


What better pre-dinner activity than a gaze upon a Hawaiian sunset? Maui, experiencing its sunsets around 6-7pm consistently year round, is not short of great places to do it from. Whether it’s from the mountain top of Haleakala or the ocean front patio of Mala Ocean Tavern, choices abound. Perhaps though, you’ll want to combine this with one of the aforementioned must-do Maui exploits, like lazing on Big Beach at Makena State Park before watching day make way for night.

Maui is mounting up with must-do’s. From beaches, to surfing, to hiking, this is a place you’re unlikely to forget in any hurry – and one that offers another perspective from that of the cash-strapped backpacker!

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