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What is the Cost of Moving to Spain?

moving to spain

Spain is a very popular destination for Britons relocating and is it any wonder why? A 2012 study by The Guardian found that nearly 400,000 UK citizens live in the country for its sun, sea and sand as well as its wealth of job opportunities.

Have you ever considered moving there to experience a new lease of life and to indulge in its rich art, culture and history? How much will it cost? Obviously there are expenses which need to be spent such as shipping and flight tickets but here is an expert guide to help you arrange your finances.

Personal Income Tax

Spain has a Personal Income Tax which is levied on an individual’s income. You will become accountable for income tax liability or the income that you get in the country. So any money that you earn from business in Spain, on a Spanish property, or from money deposited in a Spanish bank account, will have tax that needs to be paid.

Just as the UK has a taxman (HM Revenue & Customs) that is in charge of tax regulation, so does Spain. The Spanish Tax Agency will penalise you; so if you earn more than €22,000.00 a year, you must file an income tax return.


Many countries are suffering tough economic times at the moment and Spain is no different. It does have the 14th largest economy in the world but it is undergoing some hardship similar to Britain. Its unemployment rate is at 20.8% and the labour force is 23.13 million. However, wherever you relocate there will be some sort of financial trouble so research your job industry and find out how it is doing.


The most cost-effective transportation method to move to Spain is sea freight. Obviously you can still transport your belongings by land or air but sea freight is the cheapest option. When planning your budget consider the packing materials, the hired removal company, shipping insurance, and storage costs.

As a guide, a shared service for an average 2 – 3 bed family property £2,500 – £3,700 + VAT. Direct services for similar are between £4,000 – £7,500 + VAT.


The property market is in limbo at the moment like the economy, so make sure you look around and bargain with property owners to get the best deal. The fall in property prices gives scope for negotiations. Please note it is ideal to rent temporary accommodation just until you settle before buying a property.


You will become eligible to receive retirement, maternity and unemployment benefits as the benefits system is similar to the UK in terms of health, social and security.


Now you know the kind of costs that are involved with moving to Spain, the only thing left to do is to get a quote!

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Travel Spain: Chris from MidwesternerAbroad.com

travel Spain - Chris Ciolli

Hello lovely travellers. I know a large amount of you might be shuddering and sniffling away your existences in the winter climes of the western hemisphere but I (Will) am living it up in the Cambodian heat right now and just wanted to rub that in all your faces. Talking about rubbing good stuff in your faces, today we talk to the lovely Chris from MidwesternerAbroad.com, who I had the pleasure of sharing a coffee with in Barcelona recently. Talking about everything travel in Spain, let Chris be your guide to my a place I’m lucky enough to call my former home and start planning your own summer escape! Read the full story

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Travel Spain: Matthew in Gran Canaria

travel Spain Matthew Hirtes - Going for Gold

They might not be doing too well in the Olympics but Spain is still top of the charts in terms of tourism. Head south of the mainland however and closer to the coast of Africa and you’ll find that the tourist hordes get even bigger and brighter. That’s right, Gran Canaria, home to travel writing stalwart Matthew Hirtes, is the real gold medallist this summer. But has it (and the greater country it belongs to) taken performance enhancing drugs to get there or did its organic beauty win over? Let’s see what Matthew has to say about Spain, and more interestingly, his life spent travelling around it. Read the full story

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Travel Spain: Liz en España

travel Spain - Liz en Espana

TraveLinkSites loves Spain and couldn’t resist another interview from it’s sunny climbs. Today we have the fabulous Liz of Liz en España.  She packed her life in the US up and now lives in Spain writing a blog we love. Think jamón serrano and the beautiful Basque Country – a killer combo.

Over to you Liz…

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Video Blogging: Cailin O’Neil of Travel Yourself

Videoblogging: Cailin O'Neil Travel Yourself

TraveLinkSites is stoked to pick Cailin O’Neil’s brain about her Video Blogging site Travel Yourself. Her video’s are extremely popular so make sure you check them out.

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