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Around the World Travel: Gisela Hausmann of Naked Determination

Around the World Travel

Around the World Travel: Naked Determination in Srinagar_India

Well you can see that Will and I have been on hiatus lately but we are back in force and have a cracker of an interview for you today.  Meet Gisela Hausmann of Naked Determination.  With more years of travel under her belt than we have been alive, it’s safe to say we’re a little in awe of this traveller. With an exciting new ebook on the market and so many tales to unravel, we thought we’d hear what she has to say about a life very well travelled.

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Around the World Travel: Jarmo of Arctic Nomad

Around the World Travel

With a cool collection of shots from his escapades around the world, we had a lively chat with Jarmo of the  Arctic Nomad.  He’s an adventure seeker this one and has the kind of ‘don’t hesitate  attitude to travel that we damn well love. Over to you dude…

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Around the World Travel: Darren & Sandy of Trekking The Planet

around the world travel

We don’t just have an Around the World interview for you today, we have a pair of travellers that are truly giving something back along the way.  Meet Darren & Sandy the couple behind Trekking the Planet. Their trip focuses on geography and educating classrooms around the world. We’re slightly in awe of these two tenacious and deft planners, what an astonishing achievement. Read on to find out more…

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Around the World Travel: Danny & Jillian of I Should Log off

Around The World Travel

Today TraveLinkSites talks Around the World Travel with the couple behind ishouldlogoff.com. We know exactly how they feel!  With a hankering for life and less time online, these guys combine blogging with embracing the world away from your computer.

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Around the World Travel Tips: Maddy and Steve of I’m Not Home

Around the World Travel with Maddy and Steve

Hello everyone! Wow isn’t this summer hotting up? I’m in Madrid sweating my little testes off as I edit this, yet another fantastic interview from my friends Maddy and Steve. These guys are the handsome duo behind the travel blog I’m Not Home, which, if you haven’t visited yet, is full of fantastic destination guides, offbeat travel humour (Friday f*ck ups) and kickass photography.

Luckily we sat down with them to talk around the world travel and just what you can do to make the most of it! Over to them… Read the full story

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Around The World Travel Tips: Benny from Fluent in 3 Months

around the world travel - Benny Lewis

Today on TraveLinkSites we’re talking to one of mine (Will’s) favourite bloggers and big-time inspirations (when it comes to learning Spanish), Benny Lewis. Benny is a force of nature when it comes to travelling the world and learning languages and runs a hugely popular blog at Fluent in 3 Months, focused on helping and inspiring thousands to do the same.

We’re super excited to be talking to the man himself and sure he’s got plenty of useful tips for those setting off on an around the world travel trip.

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Preparing for Around the World Travel: Ed from Rexyedventures

around the world travel preparations - Ed Rex

The sexy Ed Rex talks around the world travel

Today TraveLinkSites.com is joined by Yorkshire-born travel blogger Ed Rex who’s currently travelling the world after leaving his 9-5 job back in March.

Ed blogs at Rexyedventures.com about solo around the world travel. You can catch him on Twitter here.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself, your site and your travel experiences?

I’m Ed Rex of rexyedventures.com, which by the way is an amazeballs site (FACT), that promotes solo travel experiences within Britain and the RTW I am taking now and also for deaf people. So far, I’m in Thailand in the beautiful island of Ko Tao but previous experiences include European Cities, Spanish Islands and also my African Volunteering Stay in Uganda. I have left my job as an Environmental Technican to go round the world!

2. Could you give us a rough breakdown of your around the world itinerary?

Why, do you want to stalk me? Well here it is, Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Malaysia-Singapore-Australia-new Zealand-Fiji and USA.

around the world travel preparations - Ed Rex in Edinburgh

Ed enjoying the Scottish landscape

3. Why did you decide to travel around the world as opposed to focusing on a specific region? What countries are you looking forward to visiting most?

I just wanted to go with the flow basically and if you methodically plan a trip, you lose the spontaneous aspects of it. Also, plans are guaranteed to change. I was meant to be going to Phuket after Bangkok but here I am in Ko Tao because I found a good deal. Countries I’m looking forward to most? I hear great things about Laos as the people there are so friendly. However, I think I’m looking forward to New Zealand the most seeing as it is a beautiful natural country.

4. What were the most important preparations you had to make when planning your around the world trip?

Travel insurance, term life insurance, flights, visas and finding the right backpack for you.

around the world travel preparations - Ed Rex on the train

Ed riding the trains like a pro

5. What should people think about, based on your experiences, most when travelling around the world?

Just think about having a good time! Think about the positive side of things. If things don’t go your way, then ride with it and as the saying goes, when god closes a door, he opens a window. I’m full of this cliche rubbish.

6. What sites and resources did you use to help prepare for around the world travel? What did you use them for?

I think just reading other people’s experiences on their blogs really help you prepare for your trip. I have garnered so much advice from these zany bloggers in order to get the best routes, experiences and companies to go with.

7. What are the common mistakes people make when planning an around the world travel trip?

Leaving everything to the last minute!

around the world travel preparations - Ed Rex setting out

Ed setting out for home

8. How long in advance should you begin to think about around the world travel? What are the first things you need to organise? What things can wait until the last moment?

You guys ask too many questions! I started thinking about it 6 months in advance but really you should start thinking about it a year in advance. The first things you need to organise are you savings. Work out a travel planning budget so you know which proportion of your salary is going to your travels. Dispensable and perishable stuff for your bag can be left to the last minute,

9. What things do you focus on most when you blog about around the world travel? Why do you choose these things? 

I just focus on the randomness of things that happen as I meander around the globe. Things that get me in a funny situation, tight spot and my cranky thoughts on things. I choose those things because it’s what I notice. For example, in a show, most people tend to watch the leads but I often notice the extras or even the backstage staff scrurrying around and gesturing wildly due to an event gone wrong!

10. If you could think of one thing you wished someone had told you before you started travelling around the world what would it be?

I wish someone has told me to start saving earlier! I’ve already blown my Thailand budget!

around the world travel preparations - Ed Rex in Thailand

Ed chilling in Thailand on part of his tour

Thanks Ed for sharing all your wonderful around the world travel tips! Check out his brilliant travel blogs at Rexyedventures. You can also follow Ed on Twitter here.

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