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Rejoice! For today we have a fantastic interview all about rewiring your mind so that you can take your business onto the road and travel until your hearts content. 

Adam Beaumont, the brains behind Event-Traveller.com and many other projects (as you’re about to find out), takes time out from his busy schedule to impart some great advice about entrepreneurialism on the road and how to best get started. Over to the man himself.

1. Hey Adam,Could you briefly introduce yourself, your projects and what you’re doing in the wide world of travel?

Hello, My Name is Adam Beaumont and I mix full time travel with several online businesses that I own and operate.

My primary business is an affiliate review website in which I direct potential customers to partner sites and gain a commission on sales. With sales averaging around $500 I gain 10% in commission which whilst little if I get several of these sales a day, the business is profitable. There has been several times when I have gained over $600 from just one sale, which boosts revenue averages.

My second business, a personal travel blog, has only really started earning revenue in the past 5 months. The site earns money through selling sponsored articles, text links and other advertisements on my site. Whilst I would like this business to be effortless I find myself constantly trying to generate new business, this is something I am looking into changing over the next few months. The ideal plan would be for advertisers to contact me rather than me contacting them.

Whilst Event Traveller is by no means a well visited and written travel blog the fact that I try to ensure content is updated at least twice a week this gives the blog more credibility to potential advertisers.

My other startups are also affiliate sites which are unfortunately yet to take off the ground, take TicketYoda.com for example, I have spent time developing and marketing this site but as of yet I am not ranking well in major search engines.

Travel wise I am in Colombia at present but will be visiting the UK over Christmas and then to San Antonio in Texas in January for a week visiting.

2. Now you’re running a company from the road as well as doing a few other things to generate cash. How’s that going for you and what are you main aims and objectives with these projects?

My online projects are going reasonable well in the sense that my revenue brings me more than I actually spend whilst traveling. I tend not to spend crazy amounts but I do have a comfortable lifestyle in which I can eat out most days and travel to anywhere in the world without problem.

My main objectives with my websites are that they become self-selling, this is to say that I do not have to market them constantly which takes up most of my time. My plan for 2014 is to create more websites alongside existing ones and therefore create more revenue streams.

I have experienced in the past that a simple change in search engine rankings can turn a successful business upside down without notice. Last year I went 3 weeks with my affiliate site not even being listed in the top 100 websites for particular keywords. Spreading revenue over several different sites this will hopefully spread the risk.

3. What are the realities of running a travel-based business?What difficulties do you face? What things come easy?

Well the traveling and writing articles comes easy, the hard part is building up an audience that return to my blog time after time. Additionally, trying to gain the exposure needed to get advertising and sponsorship revenue is probably my biggest task.

Working online for large periods of time is also easy for me, I could easily spend 14 hours a day online without problem, something that frustrates my long-term partner Alejandra but something she understands that I am passionate about.

I have always been fine with running my businesses whilst traveling but I have recently noticed that in the near future I want to be able to settle in one place for more than 6 months so that I have some kind of stability in my life.

4. In terms of marketing yourself and your business,what strategies have you found that work well? What resources should travellers, looking to market their own businesses, check-out?

The biggest task I face everyday is try to market my businesses but I have found that contacting the people behind influential websites offering something different than the rest usually brings good results. I also find it a lot easier to market my Travel Blog than my other sites, maybe because it is personable.

I have 2 websites that I think people should spend time reading both before and after you start your business and gain some ideas, the first being smartpassiveincome.com and the second being Fizzle.co. Both are aimed at how to make money online and both offer free advice.

5. How did you generate the idea for your existing businesses? What sources of inspiration should travelling entrepreneurs, interested in building businesses from the road, look to?]

In between locations I worked in London for an SEO company specializing in increasing the online presence of online companies. During this period I found that we were paying an increasing amount of money out to travel blog owners for them to place links on their sites. I simply figured that I should do the same for my travels; this is when Event Traveller started.

Inspiration wise I look at people that have started online businesses and have succeeded. By reading about them and listening to what they say this truly motivates me to work harder and try new ideas.

http://www.sparringmind.com/successful-blogs/ will give you plenty of ideas and success stories, all of which I find inspiring.

6. In your opinion,where are the best places in the world, for people interested in the lifestyle of permanent travel, to work from?

From my personal experience I found that when I started traveling and working online I needed to be in places where the cost of living was not high. Being able to work on your plans without the added pressure of high costs is something that worked for me. All my online businesses started in Latin America, which I found to have the perfect mix of low cost living and amazing places to visit. In the day I would travel and in the evening I would work on my websites.

7. What is the best thing about running travel based businesses? Why go down this route instead blazing a trail for you in a conventional job or corporation?

Well, personality-wise I don’t think I have ever wanted to and would fit into the standard employment role. I have previously worked for one of the world’s largest corporations and I wasn’t fulfilled in what I wanted to do which was to work for myself and bring some of my ideas to life. The best thing about running a travel-based business is the freedom and flexibility that I have. Whilst I work hard, I have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. This freedom and flexibility allow me do as and what I please without standard restrictions. This year I have travelled to over 10 different countries, which in a standard job would be hard to do.

8. In terms of travel,what have been your favourite highlight sand lowlights in recent years? What travel experiences have helped define your current state of being most?

A highlight of travel for me was being able to learn Spanish to a very high standard whilst at the same time traveling and developing my first revenue generating website. In terms of lowlights, I have created over 10 different websites that have failed or have not worked and whilst I developed new ideas and skills it is still disappointing.

Whilst living in Colombia I have acknowledged that money is not everything, it helps but it doesn’t truly make you happy. Seeing first hand the poverty some people deal with day-to-day has made me realize that I don’t really have much to complain about but to be happy about.

9. And lastly, what would be your top 3 tips to people interested in starting up travel-based businesses and working from the road?

Well three tips I would give to people interested in starting travel-based businesses would be:

  1. Start Immediately. I have found that whilst you should research certain areas before starting I honestly recommend starting now. Starting a website costs virtually nothing, get writing and you can worry about all other aspects later.
  2. Traveling long term is an amazing experience but I recommend that if you start to become tired of traveling and begin to feel lonely then it is time you return home and recharge your batteries.
  3. Work Hard. It is easy to fall into the trap of traveling, socializing and doing minimal hours online for your businesses but I truly recommend that you work at least 4 hours a day. Work hard on your projects and I am sure you will see the benefit after time.

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