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Travel Singapore: Mike from Bemused Backpacker

Today we have a fantastic rundown of one of Mike from  Bemused Backpacker’s favourite destinations; Singapore. We haven’t had much featured on this neat little spot before so we’re keen to let Mike share his expertise. Over to him! Read the full story

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5 Types of Holiday to Break the Mould in 2013

world class hospitality

Group Tour around Europe

There has never been a better time to tour Europe. While many are mourning about the economic meltdown, take advantage of reduced prices and group travel through Europe’s countryside and cities. What’s more, most times you will only need a single visa to cross borders. Also, high speed train connections, great roads, and cheap flights make travelling between countries a breeze. If you are travelling as a group, you can also take advantage of great discounts because of your number. Read the full story

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Unique Luxury Holiday Destinations Revealed

all-inclusive holidays with Club Med

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone just goes to the same places on holiday? There seem to be those few tried and tested holiday spots that everyone likes to stick to, making certain beaches and ski resorts overcrowded year after year.

Of course, you don’t have to follow the crowd. If you are looking for somewhere a little different for this year’s holiday, then there are plenty of unique all-inclusive holidays with Club Med to choose from. Here are a few unique luxury holiday destinations you might not have thought about. Read the full story

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Travel New Zealand: Jeremy Foster of travelFREAK

Travel New Zealand

At last! We have ourselves a New Zealand interview, thanks to the dish that is Jeremy Foster of travelFREAK. I (Kiri) just returned from seven months in Kiwiland and Mr Foster managed to see a hell of a lot more than me. This interview makes me want to go back even more. With a daringly gun-ho attitude towards whipping out his man business for full monty bungee jumps and a penchant for fine wine, what’s not to love about him? 

Read the full story

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Gold Coast Entertainment at a Discount with Discount Vouchers


If there is one thing there is no shortage of when you visit Gold Coast, it is entertainment. There are events to keep you entertained all the time. Head to Coolangatta and you can participate in a Beach Festival. You may be in time for a South American Adventure Information Night and witness some outstanding performances. Read the full story

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How to Work and Travel: Colleen of Write Around the World

How to Work and Travel


Today we welcome back Colleen Setchell who gave us a fab interview on South Africa last year.  Since then, her blog Write Around the World has been following her new adventure, teaching in my favourite country in the World, Thailand.  I just had to find out more… Kiri

Read the full story

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Great Things to See and Do in Fiji

Fiji, located in a group of islands in the South Pacific, is one of the best destinations for beach holiday lovers. This tropical paradise is an exciting archipelago, bustling with warm beaches, lush forests and jagged blue lagoons. Thousands of tourists visit Fiji every year to experience the beautiful scenery and a plethora of other characteristics. Read the full story

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Returning from Malaysia with More Than Memories

Malaysia may not be the first Asian country that pops into your head when you’re planning a relaxing holiday in the Southeast – it certainly is one that never crossed my mind. Yet, I ended up going a few months back, and I am already planning my return. Read the full story

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Sydney

Sydney is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Australia, and it has a lot to offer to its visitors. One of the other reasons that makes Sydney a top travel destination is the fact that it is very easy to travel to from abroad. With flights from most international cities, you won’t find it hard to get here.

In a nutshell, it’s in Sydney that you can find everything you want. From culture and history to entertainment and amazing landscapes, Sydney has it all. Here are its best attractions. Read the full story

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Escorted through Cambodia

Most folks when you mention Cambodia will immediately think of the Angkor Wat temple complex, as surely as London conjures up images of Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. Read the full story

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