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When In Rome, Eat as the Romans Do

The capital of Italy is one of the most successful city brands in the world. Rome, also known as the “City of Seven Hills” is a magnificent city steeped in history, it has a unique cultural background, friendly and warm inhabitants as well as magnificent panoramic views and splendid parks called villas. Whether you consider a holiday or an expat life in the Eternal City, they both represent the perfect opportunity to taste the real, utterly famous Italian cuisine, which is embedded into the Italian lifestyle, beliefs and ancient culture.  Read the full story

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Hidden Gems of Italy

plan a holiday to Italy

Italy is one of the most famous countries in the world. Visitors from all over the globe travel there each year. There are tons of world famous sites to see – So many, in fact, that it’s hard to fit them all in your itinerary. However, it’s the lesser-known attractions that may provide you with the most memories upon your visit. There are places all over Italy that, while still captivating and exciting, don’t get as much worldly attention as more known attractions. Perugia is one of these places. Read the full story

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Rekindle Your Romance in Milan

find bed and breakfasts in Milano

At first glance, Milan (or Milano) may not seem like the most romantic destination in Italy. Without the meandering canals and palazzos of Venice, the stunning views of Tuscany and Positano or the history of Florence and Rome, Milan appears to many visitors to be a very businesslike – albeit fashionable – locale. Read the full story

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Trade It All in for Some Sardinian Sunshine


For a long time this has been seen as a great winter holiday spot. In fact, some people call it the secret season. Days are warm and sun-filled, the people are welcoming and you won’t be swamped with other tourists. Getting away from the deep freeze and grey skies, what could be better? And, because it’s short-haul from the UK you get the chance for it to be quite a cheap trip. Read the full story

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Pisa: The Ultimate Romantic Italian Getaway

Deals on flights to Pisa

If you are looking to plan a romantic vacation with your loved one, there are some obvious choices throughout Europe. You need a place that offers the luxury and romance that will make the trip memorable. But don’t just settle for one of the most cliche places on your list, because there are so many beautiful and romantic places to go. One of the best places to visit and see the most beautiful attractions in the world is in Italy. Read the full story

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Travel Italy: Samuel of Samuel’s Travels

travel Italy - Samuel's travels

Today we sit down with our final article for the year on the beautiful destination of Italy. We’ve already had a few prominent travel bloggers give away their travel Italy secrets, now it’s Samuel’s turn!

Samuel came to my attention (Will) as his language immersion mission is spookily similar to what I’m doing out in Spain. His site, the excellent Samuel’s Travels, is a damn good read even if you’re not into learning languages – he’s also got a similar wicked sense of humour too! Read the full story

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Travel Italy: Angie & Jenke of Travel Itch

Travel Italy: Angie & Jenke of Travel Itch

TraveLinkSites can’t seem to get enough of Italy this week. Well who could blame us?  Today we had a chat to the handsome pair behind Travel Itch.  These guys travel A LOT and are big foodies so naturally we love them.  

Read the full story

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Travel Italy: Alexandra of ArtTrav

Travel Italy

We don’t need many more reasons to want to visit Italy and chatting to Alexandra of the super blog ArtTrav has just made the list even longer!  This lovely lady has a passion for art and her blog combines her both the art world and her life in Italy.  We love it…

Read the full story

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Travel Italy: Tanisha from the Wonderlust Expat Blog

travel Italy - Tanisha of Wonderlust Expat

The lovely Tanisha of Wonderlust Expat and Lattes and Lipstick (cc) Catalina Alvarez talks to the cool and funky Tanisha Shulamit, who’s been making quite a name for herself over on her blogs Lattes and Lipstick and Wonderlust Expat. Tanisha talks travel in Italy, where she’s lived and travelled extensively in places like Rome, Bologna, Venice and Verona. Read the full story

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