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Ice Skating in the UK

When winter comes, it’s hard for many to not picture themselves bundled in a jumper, coat, and scarf, walking amongst the ice and snow-covered trees of Britain.  Days spent shopping, preparing for the holiday season, and frolicking in a winter wonderland – these are all fun and fabulous activities that people enjoy during that special time of year.  But when it comes to the ultimate in winter fun, nothing beats spending a weekend afternoon ice skating in one of Britain’s beautiful outdoor ice skating rinks.

You have a lot of choices as to how to spend your winter weekends.  You may choose to stay home and enjoy a hot chocolate and a movie with family, or take one of many ferries to Calais.  If you’re really adventurous though, you’ll take to the outdoors, throw on a pair of skates, and spend an hour or two gliding along the ice with a special friend or family member.

If there’s one thing that Britain is known for in the winter is its seasonal ice rinks.  Forget Rockefeller Center in New York City, Britain is where it’s at.  From beginners to experts, from first timers to seasoned pros, you will be sure to find an ice skating rink in Britain that will offer you an amazing experience and wonderful memories.

Tower of London

If you’re interested in history and fun, there’s no better place to visit than the Tower of London Ice Rink.  Touted as London’s “most dramatic open-air ice rink,” the Tower of London Ice Rink is located in the moat, and set against the backdrop of the fortress battlements.  This location offers visitors one of the most magnificent settings during the winter time for skating and staying in the city.

Brighton Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a definite must-see any time of the year, but it is particularly spectacular during the winter season.  Originally constructed for King George IV, the Royal Pavilion began construction in 1787 and eventually became one of the most spectacular structures in the whole of Brighton, especially considering the exotic appearance of the building inside and out.  But starting in November, the Pavilion takes on a whole new light as the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink opens and visitors are afforded a unique winter experience.

Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland

In its 12th year, Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland situated in Cardiff’s Civic Centre is still going strong after all these seasons.  It is a festive celebration beginning each year in November, including the Admiral Open Air Ice Rink, Ice Café and a variety of seasonal activities for individuals and families of all sizes.  But Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland isn’t just a place to skate; it’s also a place to enjoy the best that Britain has to offer in entertainment, from spectacular circus acts to musical artists soaring at the top of the charts.

 Edinburgh Castle

If you’re looking to take your ice skating experience to the next level, then there’s no better way to do it than at Edinburgh Castle.  Said to be the largest open-air ice rink in the whole of Europe, the ice rink in Scotland’s capital provides visitors with one of the most amazing backdrops in which to skate, especially during the Christmas season.



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Dare Deviling Abroad

Although a traditional break abroad is often seen as a chance to sit in the sun and drink smoothies, a holiday overseas doesn’t have to be sedate. In fact, there are some incredible thrills out there that will help you get away from the day to day mundanity of the rat race. Here are three of the best, just make sure you’ve got the holiday accident compensation ready before you try any of them. Read the full story

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How to Choose the Right Hotel for You

how to choose the right hotel

Just how many hotels are there in the world? Estimates have it at around 190,000, with almost 18 million rooms.Which is a pretty big number. So there’s a lot of choice.

With that many hotels, you certainly don’t need to settle for the bear minimum of requirements.

Much of the time, choosing the right hotel is very much like choosing what clothes to wear. Many aspects go into making the right decision for the right occasion. Look at it this way:


For a lot of people, this is going to be a crucial factor, especially with the economy still reeling from the recent recession. Often, using comparison websites like Trivago can save you some money.

The main thing here is not to spend above what you can afford to pay. It’s nice to be able to stay in a luxury 5* hotel but it may not always be a possibility.


If money is not the main concern, then comfort may be. Obviously, all hotels strive to be as comfortable as possible, but it takes a lot to ensure you’re completely happy. The hotel should be your home away from home. If it doesn’t appear to have the things that make you feel comfortable, then maybe you need to look at other hotels.


Another biggie. Where your hotel is located in the place you are visiting can prove a make or break deal. If it’s too far away from the sights and sounds, then you might be missing out on the atmosphere. If it’s smack in the centre of town, you may feel it’s just a tad too busy for your liking.
Again, you may feel it might be just a little too far from your favourite beach/restaurant/museum. Set up in your head the maximum distance you are willing to travel, either by walking or taxi. That way, you only select the hotels inside that sphere.


The right amenities are essential if you are taking the family. There has to be the right balance of activities for every single member of your group. Choosing a luxury hotel that caters for couples retreats and no outdoor pool is not going to prove much use if you have two hyperactive 6 year old children in tow.

Finding the right balance of qualities in your hotel can prove difficult, but with a lot of research (and sometimes a little luck), you’ll get the best experience.

Article written on behalf of Hotel Sis Pins, who provide quality hotels in Mallorca.


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Home Away from Home

What many of those living in the UK will by now surely realise is that some of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit are right here on our doorstep. It’s no secret to the thousands of holiday-makers who flock to the breathtaking area of Cornwall each year for sun, sea and sand like no other. Read the full story

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Most Talked about UK attractions

The UK has plenty of great sights to go and see, whether you’re visiting for the first time or live there already and fancy a little change of scenery. All over the country, you’ll be sure to find great attractions, many of which that lie close to fabulous accommodation. You may wonder what the most popular attractions with visitors worldwide are, but here are some of the most famous: Read the full story

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A Different Way to Spend Christmas

As we get into the countdown to Christmas, it may be that you’re not actually looking forward to a traditional family Christmas around the tree. Maybe you’ve got some of your family going away, or you just haven’t been organised and planned ahead where you’re spending the Christmas holiday yet. Read the full story

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Moving to Another Country After Travelling the World

One of the wonderful things about travel is that it can provide the inspiration to make important life changes.  Often, the opportunity to spend some time somewhere different, perhaps on vacation or through attending college or university, will spur a person on to exploring the wider world.  This can be quite an exhilarating adventure, offering the chance to meet new people and experience new cultures in far-flung corners of the globe.  For some people, it also provides a major incentive to relocate and to make their home in a new country. Read the full story

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Cruise holidays for Christmas and New Year

cruise holidays

Looking to get away for Christmas and New Year? Whether you want to escape the pre-Christmas rush or you are looking to celebrate Christmas day in warmer climates, the festive season is the perfect time to go on a cruise holiday.

Why not book a Christmas cruise?

Experience how many different cultures celebrate Christmas, make the most of the welcoming and sociable atmosphere and allow your Christmas to be relaxing and completely stress-free.

There will be beautiful decorations on-board and the cruise ship staff will be there to attend to your every need and get you into the Christmas spirit.

Perhaps you are looking to escape the cold snap and long dark evenings?

A cruise holiday during Christmas and New Year will not only take you into warmer climates but will also give you the opportunity to catch some winter sun and make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Maybe the Caribbean tickles your fancy, or a cruise Down Under?

Forget the stress of cooking a Christmas dinner in the UK for the whole family too. On a cruise trip, you can ensure that the staff will do all the hard work to make your day even more memorable.

Save yourself the hassle of decorating your own home and enjoy the spectacular decorations, a traditional Christmas dinner and the many fun events that will be on offer.

A Cause for Celebration

Do you always spend New Year at home? Why not have a change of scenery and visit an amazing destination for New Year? When choosing your itinerary you can decide on where you want to be on a certain date, so keep this in mind when booking!

Why not do your Christmas shopping away from home?

Avoid the flurry of last minute shoppers in your local town or city and head to some of the world’s most enchanting Christmas markets, where you will find a wealth of unique and unusual Christmas gifts.

Depending on the duration of your Christmas cruise, you will be able to hop off and experience the different celebrations and festivities at each destination whilst picking up some presents along the way!

Think of the money you will save

Booking a cruise holiday over the Christmas period will offer you great value for money as you will not only save money on decorations but you will also save on the price of food too. Many of the facilities and amenities will be included in the overall price of your holiday, ensuring that you won’t feel the pinch financially!

This article was provided by Cheap Cruises, one of the leading cruise retailers offering luxury cruises and cruise deals to suit a range of budgets. 

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Top Five Business Travel Bags For Men

Hurricane Sandy may have caused huge disruption to business travellers, as well as the general devastation in the United States, but there is no doubt that business travel, and the accessories that go with it, is an industry that keeps on growing.

Today’s businessman wants to travel, and arrive, in style. Check out our run down of the top five travel bags for the modern businessman.

Debenham’s Chocolate Voyage Medium Holdall

This roomy holdall is a great accessory for businessmen on the move. The leather look, croc embossed coat with brass fittings is designed to last, and with its modern looks, designed to impress.

John Lewis Francesca II 15″ Leather Laptop Bag

You know that you’re going to get quality with John Lewis and this taupe laptop bag is the cream of the crop. The manufacturer description of “elegant yet functional” sums it up perfectly.

Selfridges Streamline Luggage

One for those guys with a retro bent, the classically styled overnighter wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1940s. It may not be as practical as others in the list but it certainly is the most stylish.

Rohan Freelance 18

At first glance, this shoulder bag doesn’t look very spacious but the ‘18’ in the title gives you a clue to the enormous 18 litre capacity. Cleverly designed with pockets and spaces for all of your accompaniments, this is an impressive bag.

Falcon Leather 17 Inch Laptop Case

This is much more than just a laptop bag. Forget those puny bags that hold a laptop, charger and not much else, this wheeled full leather case has real credentials. Take your laptop, your papers, your iPad and your Kindle and still have space for a snack.

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The Olympics Are Over – Now You Can Take Your Trip to London

Want to take a trip to London? Then this would be the best time ever. With the Olympics having ended a few months back, things in London are back to normal. I can’t deny the fact that the Olympics had their own high points. But for a normal tourist who’s just looking to take a trip to the UK, visiting London during the 2012 Olympic Games would have been a nightmare. There has been a drastic change in London since the end of the Olympic Games, making this the best time for someone not interested in the Games to take a trip to London. Here we look at some of the reasons to head to London now that the Olympics are over. Read the full story

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