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Travel Tips for Holiday Gamblers

If, like many, you enjoy playing on your favourite games whenever or wherever you choose, and that includes when you are on you vacation, then there are a few handy tips to make your time away even more enjoyable.   Read the full story

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Where to Backpack in 2014

If you like to travel with just your backpack and a map, then there are a lot of destinations that you can enjoy in the coming year. These are exciting places that are full of life and unique discoveries just waiting for you! If you’re ready to get your things together and travel next year, then check out what thinks are going to be best backpacking destinations in the year ahead. Read the full story

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London in the Winter:

Wintertime in London is an adventuresome, exciting experience. Besides the fact that you’re visiting one of the greatest cities in the world and hopefully staying at the best luxury hotels in London, there are numerous festive activities to explore during your stay – even in the heart of winter. Read the full story

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Top 5 Tips for Winter Travel in the USA with the Family

The winter can be a great time to take a holiday, and regardless of whether you’re heading south for some sun or want to indulge in a little snow, the USA has a huge variety of destinations with something to offer. If you’re travelling with the family, there are a few important things to consider. Cold, snowy and wet weather can cause delays, dangerous roads and risks to your safety, so it’s essential you plan your trip and put safeguards in place.  Read the full story

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7 Dos and 2 Do Nots of Travel From Travel Agents

Travel agents make their livings on planning memorable vacations for families and individuals. Even simple business trips can be made better by utilizing a travel agent, who may know some tricks about how to fly to your destination that you’re not be aware of. Read the full story

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The World’s Poshest Poker Rooms

Slots Online

If you’re looking for an excellent vacation or weekend getaway idea, and you like to gamble, then you’ll absolutely enjoy a visit to any one of these featured exclusive casino resorts that. These are some of the most impressive poker rooms on the planet, and when you’re in-between games, there’s always a wide variety of other things to do including: world-class dining, impressive theaters, fabulous shopping, shows, concerts, and more. The plush gaming rooms and exquisite poker rooms are a major attraction, and cater to professional gamblers from all over the world. If you’re new to gambling, or if you feel a bit rusty, you can try your hand at slots online before diving into some of these world class casinos. Read the full story

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3 Super Stunning New Zealand Casinos

06-Christchurch Casino

New Zealand is a beautiful country, a paradise that attracts holidaymakers and backpackers there year after year. But New Zealand isn’t just about the great outdoors, as the cities offer some great evening entertainment. Read the full story

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Things Pilots Should Bring With Them


When you’re about to take off and travel the world, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make sure you’re prepared for your flight.  There are a few things that pilots should always be taking with them when they’re flying, most of which can be obtained right from Skygeek Shop Supplies that will make your flight more enjoyable and relieve a little bit of a headache from the equation.  Read the full story

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How to Save Up for Your Next Summer Vacation

After experiencing the cold winter and as you come closer to spring, one thing that could be on your mind is to make the most out of your next summer vacation. Right from the sandy beaches to the warm and inviting sun shining in your face – it all can seem very exciting. Read the full story

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The Best Alternative Cities for the Entertainment Industry


If you want to get involved in the entertainment industry you probably think that you need to move to New York or Los Angeles. Those cities certainly seem to be joint Meccas for singers, actors, artists—anybody who loves to entertain. While there is lots of action in these cities there is also lots of competition and living in them is incredibly expensive. So what’s a future star to do? Read the full story

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