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Visiting California in 2016

Despite California being one of the world’s most iconic places, surprisingly few people get the chance to visit this glorious American state due to its far-flung location. Read the full story

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4 Reasons Why Los Angeles is the Perfect Party Destination

The New Year has dawned and with it a whole new set of hopes and dreams have swept in also. For eager travellers of course, new bucket lists will no doubt be being drawn up and items crossed off but amid all this busy work don’t forget to put the journals down and actually start travelling. If anything has come to light over the course of the last year it’s that everyone really needs to live, party and enjoy the world more. Read the full story

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Touring New York with Ahoy


Today we have a great interview lined up for you all about New York City and what’s it like visiting the place for the first time. Alana, founder and leader of Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting, is sharing everything she knows about the city. Take a look if the Big Apple is firmly on your bucket list! Read the full story

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Top 5 Getaway Destinations In British Columbia

Silver Oak Casino

There’s a reason that the provincial licence plate calls Canada’s westernmost province “beautiful”. Populated with clear blue rivers and lakes, sprawling old growth forests, and some of the most untouched and fertile wilderness, it is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. But it is also a place etched with history and rich with culture, from being home to Vietnam-era draftdodgers and the Back-To-The-Land movement to having one of the largest Asian immigrant populations and being at the forefront of the liberal arts (from poetry to film-making). Read the full story

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10 Cabo Adventure Vacation Ideas


Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has become a popular destination for those seeking a bit more adventure from their vacation. It’s a relatively easy trip to plan, with several hotel options and beachfront Cabo villas for rent. If you’re looking for a little more than just sitting on some beach, look no further. Here are some of Cabo’s main attractions.

Scuba Diving

The waters off Cabo San Lucas offer a truly world class diving experience; none other than famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau deemed it “the world’s aquarium”. From beginners to experts, everyone will enjoy this unforgettable adventure thanks to excellent local infrastructure including bilingual guides and certification.

Credit: Robert Orleth

Credit: Robert Orleth

Outback Safari

This unique eco-adventure takes guests to the Baja outback in off-road Unimogs, where spectacular views, local cuisine and an unforgettable beach camel ride await. If you’re there during winter, watch for humpback whales swimming past the beach.

Zip Lining

Soar like an ancient bird over a magnificent desert oasis full of picturesque canyons and rivers. Los Cabos is an excellent spot to try your hand at this exhilarating sport, with qualified guides and excellent facilities. Many zip line adventure companies offer pick-up from local Los Cabos hotels.

Swim With Dolphins

This is one of the trademark activities on offer in Cabo San Lucas. There are a variety of services available, with differing levels of immersion to suit individual taste. Those who are simply curious can learn and observe from a poolside view, while the more adventurous can join these graceful animals in specially designed pools or even experience life as a dolphin trainer for a day.

Credit: Chase Cheviron

Credit: Chase Cheviron


No visit to Cabo is complete without experiencing its warm, crystal waters, and doing so onboard a sailboat is highly recommended. Various services are available through marinas and local hotels, offering uniquely tailored experiences such as luxury cruises and sunset sailing.

Mountain Biking

For experienced cyclists and first-time riders alike, Cabo offers an excellent off-road biking experience. Expert bilingual guides can lead you down a huge variety of trails, with stunning cactus-lined routes that offer excellent views of the colorful flora and fauna.

Whale Watching

Majestic humpback whales make their way through the waters off Cabo San Lucas from mid-December through mid-April each year. It’s an amazing spectacle to witness these creatures up close, and local tour companies have spent years perfecting the experience. Guests typically board high-speed inflatable boats in small groups, enabling an intimate setting in which to witness and photograph it all.

Horseback Beach Tour

It may sound cliché, but don’t knock it until you try it. Prance along pristine beaches while becoming one with your new equine friend, turquoise waters lapping up beneath you as the Pacific sun sets out on the blue horizon. You’ll also experience unique rock formations and desert plants along the way.

ATV Adventure

Take a thrilling trip through Cabo’s rolling sand dunes onboard a four-wheeled ATV! Most programs offer full training and safety equipment, as well as bilingual guides to take you through local trails.

Waterfall/Canyon Hike

Embrace your inner indigenous explorer and hike ancient trails once traversed by local tribesman hundreds of years ago. Deep stone canyons are full of interesting formations, and local springs and waterfalls turn up throughout. Bring sunblock!

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Cali Kids – Taking Your Tots to the West Coast

Kids Van Shoes

As a good parent, taking your children on different trips is always a goal you work your best to achieve. This is because through visiting several places, children will get to learn more about what is happening in the world. It is also a good way of breaking the monotony for both you and your children. One such place to go and experience the different features of the world is the California west coast. California has several things that make it fantastic for a vacation with your children. In planning your vacation to the west coast you need to prepare well. You also need to prepare your kids so that they can learn more from the trip. Some of the ways in which you can ensure good preparation of your children for the trip include the following. Read the full story

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Best Hipster New York Hangouts

Whether you’re visiting New York City for the first time or have just moved to this amazing location, you will find there are a ton of things to do. What you don’t want to happen is to fall victim to tourist traps, which are expensive and generally not worth your time. Instead, you will want to capture the true essence of New York and really experience the culture in this unique city. Here are the best hipster hangouts to take it all in. Read the full story

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Enjoying Your Holidays in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world for its sheer uniqueness, it is a place where anything can happen be it day or night. People travel from around the world just to see the strip and all its bright lights and attractions, and where else could you see both the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty in one place. Read the full story

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Travel Colorado: Chad of The Road Dog Blog

Travel Colorado

Today TraveLinkSites is honing in on Colorado with Chad of The Road Dog Blog.  A real lover of the great outdoors, Chad blogs about his travels throughout the U.S. His interview has advice on what this state has to offer and gives us some great photos too.  

Read the full story

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Travel North America: Juliet of South West Compass

Travel North America

Today we have a short but sweet interview from the folks behind  Covering such sought after places as California, Nevada and New Mexico, their blog is a fountain of knowledge on the American SouthWest.

Read the full story

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