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Southern Africa for the Adventure Junkie

Adrenaline is something that can play a role in helping us make a decision on where to take our next holiday. Many people could choose Disneyland because of the rollercoasters, or running with the bulls in Spain, but southern Africa has all the adventure one could pack into one holiday to last a lifetime. Read the full story

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Top Destinations to Visit This Spring

Club Med

Easter may have been and gone, but doesn’t mean it’s too late to book yourself a well-earned getaway.

Whether your heart’s set on sun-drenched vineyards or rocky peaks, here are our top two fantastic destinations that are sure to get your feet itching.

For Sunshine

This year, more than ever before, the winter seems to be dragging on forever, so it’s more than likely that you’re yearning for a bit of much-needed sunshine.

Most parts of Europe have thawed by this point, but you’re probably looking for somewhere that you’ll be guaranteed sunshine. If that’s the case, then there’s nowhere better to head to, than the sun-drenched beaches of the Bahamas.

With over 700 islands, the Bahamas has so many white sandy beaches and stunning vistas that you won’t have time to explore them all. So, whether you’re travelling with your family, your partner or by yourself, you’re bound to find a little slice of paradise in this idyllic holiday location.

For Adventure

If you’re after something a little more adventurous, where better to head this Easter, than Morocco? With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, the Sahara Desert on the other the Atlas Mountains through the middle, not only does Morocco offer a rich and fascinating culture, but spellbinding scenery, too.

There are a range of things to do for the more adventurous travellers. Why not head out into the desert for a few nights of camping with the nomadic tribes living there? Excursions like this allow you to experience the majesty of the desert, whilst giving you an insight into a way of life that has been unchanged for thousands of years.

If you’re looking to get away to escape the gloomy British weather, then sun and adventure are not as far away as you might think. Sites such as Club Med could be the perfect option to find your ideal holiday.

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5 Types of Holiday to Break the Mould in 2013

world class hospitality

Group Tour around Europe

There has never been a better time to tour Europe. While many are mourning about the economic meltdown, take advantage of reduced prices and group travel through Europe’s countryside and cities. What’s more, most times you will only need a single visa to cross borders. Also, high speed train connections, great roads, and cheap flights make travelling between countries a breeze. If you are travelling as a group, you can also take advantage of great discounts because of your number. Read the full story

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Make the Most of the Moroccan Culture


Rich with exotic flavours, unusual architecture and labyrinthine souks, multi-ethnic Morocco is a culture blast thanks to its Silk Road history and place where Europe meets Africa. Read the full story

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Moroccan Couscous: A Friday Tradition


Two things Moroccan people are best known for are their love of family and their genuine hospitality. During the several minute banter, that is an everyday greeting, Moroccans will often ask how your family is, even if they have never met them.

When living among Moroccans, in their own country, there are no outsiders. Foreigners are taken in as family members and are treated exactly as such. It is the goal of almost every Moroccan woman to make sure guests are comfortable, warm, and well fed. One prideful dish that a Moroccan can prepare is the national dish of the country, couscous. Read the full story

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Top Activities to Try in the Maldives


If you’ve booked a trip to the Maldives, I’m very jealous. What attracts most people to this destination, I’d say, is the fact it’s every inch the island paradise (well, I say island – it’s actually an archipelago formed of 26 main atolls, but let’s not get too technical!), but for me it’s something a bit different. Ok, I must admit, I do like the sound of the gorgeous beaches, but it’s all the activities you can try that really caught my attention. Read the full story

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Why the Rongai Route is a Good Choice for a Kilimanjaro Climb


Just deciding to climb Kilimanjaro isn’t enough, as there are six potential ways to reach the summit. Narrowing down which is the right route for you may seem a bit daunting at first, but with a little research, you’ll soon work out which the best option is for you. Read the full story

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Travel Uganda: Shara Johnson of SKJ Travel

Travel Uganda:

Greetings from Thailand everyone! Kiri here.  After nine months living in New Zealand, I’m now sending you this interview from my favourite country in the world. Will’s over in Cambodia causing the usual havoc I’m sure.  But asides from our South East Asian ramblings, today’s interview takes you to a completely different continent – Africa.  The lovely Shara of SKJ Travel has a wonderful experience to share with you, so kick back and over we go to Uganda.

Read the full story

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Travel Malawi: David Hoffmann of

Travel Malawi

We lucky folk at TraveLinkSites got to talk to David of the epic blog  Malawi was a rich experience for this avid traveller so let’s find out what he got up to…

Read the full story

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Travel Egypt: Giulia Cimarosti of Travel Reportage

travel egypt

Today TraveLinkSites sits down with Giulia Cimarosti, the lovely Italian who’s known as bit of an expert with travel Egypt over on her Travel Reportage blog.  Egypt is a heady place filled with ancient wonder, bustling markets and exotic food – no wonder she’s a fan!

Read the full story

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