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Around the World by Bike: Will Johnston from Carry On Cycling


Today we’ve got a scorcher of an interview with a guy who very much typifies the phrase “intrepid traveller”. Will Johnston, the enthusiastic face behind Carry on Cycling, is going around the world by bicycle. Having already notched up 30000km plus, Will has dropped my to share a few tips for those looking to do something equally adventurous!

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The Best Travel Splurges for 2013

MINI offers

For most people, traveling is a splurge in and of itself. Taking a vacation often requires scrimping and saving in order to amass enough money to take a much needed break from one’s routine nine to five. But that usually means a trip becomes a series of sacrifices – concessions on hotels, restaurants and even destinations in order to keep the budget intact. Well this year may be the year to change all that and indulge in a few travel-related splurges. These aren’t destinations, but they are travel accessories that will make future trips a whole lot more fun. Read the full story

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Moving to Another Country After Travelling the World

One of the wonderful things about travel is that it can provide the inspiration to make important life changes.  Often, the opportunity to spend some time somewhere different, perhaps on vacation or through attending college or university, will spur a person on to exploring the wider world.  This can be quite an exhilarating adventure, offering the chance to meet new people and experience new cultures in far-flung corners of the globe.  For some people, it also provides a major incentive to relocate and to make their home in a new country. Read the full story

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Northern Lights Viewing Holidays: Top 5 Destinations

Northern Lights viewing holidays

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is famous worldwide as a spectacular natural phenomenon. Thousands of people every year attempt a glimpse of this greenish-yellow, faint blue or even deep red dramatic show of color in the sky. But the big question that is often asked is, “where is the best place to see the Aurora Borealis?” With this natural sight making most people’s list of things to do in your lifetime, it’s only practical to take a look at the five best Northern Lights viewing holidays.

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Around the World Travel Tips: 30Traveler

Around the World Travel Tips

30Traveler is an anonymous blog but that’s not to say that it isn’t jam packed with handy tips and tricks from Around the World Travel.  Seeing as we had no face to place to the name, we thought we’d use one of the gorgeous Perhentians photos we were sent.  We can never get enough of impossibly blue waters like that. 

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Around the World Travel: Jarmo of Arctic Nomad

Around the World Travel

With a cool collection of shots from his escapades around the world, we had a lively chat with Jarmo of the  Arctic Nomad.  He’s an adventure seeker this one and has the kind of ‘don’t hesitate  attitude to travel that we damn well love. Over to you dude…

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Around the World Travel: Neil Skywalker of Around the World in 80 Girls

Neil Skywalker - Around the world travel tips

After a bit of a hiatus we’re back at full pace here on TraveLinkSites and have a cool new interview with you that promises to unearth some great around the world travel tips. Today we’re joined by Neil Skywalker, a man building quite a bit of steam in the travel community thanks to his book on dating and love on the road and his blog Around the World in 80 Girls.

Don’t forget that Neil is a serious traveller though, as you’ll soon ascertain from his answers below. Let’s pass the um, lightsaber, to Neil then…. Read the full story

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Around the World Travel: Darren & Sandy of Trekking The Planet

around the world travel

We don’t just have an Around the World interview for you today, we have a pair of travellers that are truly giving something back along the way.  Meet Darren & Sandy the couple behind Trekking the Planet. Their trip focuses on geography and educating classrooms around the world. We’re slightly in awe of these two tenacious and deft planners, what an astonishing achievement. Read on to find out more…

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Around the World Travel Tips: Alexandra Pucherelli of Fluent in Frolicking

around the world travel tips

Today we feature the Around the World master, Alexandra of Fluent in Frolicking. She’s from the land of the hula and those colourful shirts that make your eyes water. She upped sticks and tried her hand at country collecting, so with a great many adventures under her belt, it’s natural that she has the kind of attitude to travelling that we find infectious. Let’s see what nuggets of goodness she has for us today…

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Around the World Travel: Danny & Jillian of I Should Log off

Around The World Travel

Today TraveLinkSites talks Around the World Travel with the couple behind We know exactly how they feel!  With a hankering for life and less time online, these guys combine blogging with embracing the world away from your computer.

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