Why I Want to Visit Iceland: 5 Reasons That Nod To Our Northern Neighbour

Heading up a site that profiles lots of other people’s impressions of other countries is definitely a fun thing to do even if you don’t get to speak about what you’d like to get out of travel too much.

Today is an exception to that rule. I’ve decided to hijack the blog to shed a bit more of a spotlight on Northern Europe, and, specifically, Scandinavia, in order to share some of my thoughts about one country in particular that’s always had me pretty captivated.

Sitting a fair way to the north of my native England it’s not too far to reach either. Not to be confused with its supermarket namesake, I’m talking about an Iceland that’s famous for being in movies where landscapes are of the essence. Not frozen food.

So here are my five main reasons I want to go to the land of ice and snow.

And, just so that you know in advance, you’ll find that these have little to do with stocking out my freezer and everything to do with adventure. Read the full story

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Visiting California in 2016

Despite California being one of the world’s most iconic places, surprisingly few people get the chance to visit this glorious American state due to its far-flung location. Read the full story

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Southern Africa for the Adventure Junkie

Adrenaline is something that can play a role in helping us make a decision on where to take our next holiday. Many people could choose Disneyland because of the rollercoasters, or running with the bulls in Spain, but southern Africa has all the adventure one could pack into one holiday to last a lifetime. Read the full story

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Great Tips for Global Travellers Who Love Online Casino Games

Slots Online

Online casinos, for travellers who enjoy roaming the globe with their laptops and smartphones in hand, can be a great outlet for stress as well as source of earning a little extra travel money.

Learning how to play them well is key. Get too cocky or confident and you could quickly lose your travel budget and miss out on the rest of an amazing trip. That’s why the following tips can help you. Read the full story

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Backpacker Style Tips: Looking Sharp on the Road


Looking good on the road, given the conditions backpackers can find themselves in, can be somewhat difficult when hopping country to country. But that’s not to say it isn’t possible, as with a little bit of fore-thought, a bit of well-allocated budget and a little bit of creativity, even the most hard-up backpackers can adjust their image to look all the more sharper as they explore the world. Read the full story

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Travel Tips for Holiday Gamblers

If, like many, you enjoy playing on your favourite games whenever or wherever you choose, and that includes when you are on you vacation, then there are a few handy tips to make your time away even more enjoyable.   Read the full story

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The best UK sporting events to look forward to this summer

As spring descends upon us, we’re all looking forward to topping up our tee-shirt tans and focusing on the great British summer. With barbecue season just around the corner, there is also plenty to look forward to in the field of great British sporting events. Whether you’re a local or travelling from afar, here are some great sporting events you can’t miss out on this summer. Read the full story

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To the Tables and Beyond: A Sneak Peek into Online Gaming

Online gaming has become one of the hottest entertainment trends in the United States. Introduced back in November 2013, online gambling i now fully regulated in three U.S. states including New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Read the full story

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Top 10 Essential Items Every Good Backpacker Should Have


Getting all geared up for an epic backpacking trip is an exciting place to be in. But it’s also a treacherous one. Leave some essential item out of your backpack and you could find yourself lost and stranded without that special something to help make your trip all that more easier.

Putting together all your essential items needn’t be difficult though. So the next time you find yourself preparing for a trip and need to make some final checks before departure day, run through this list to see if you’re ready to avoid those irritating travel hiccups. Read the full story

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Three of the Best Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Everything looks better in the bright sunlight, whether it’s in an urban setting on a glorious summer day, or in a beach side location during a dream holiday. That goes for you too, especially when you’re wearing the latest designer sunglasses. Read the full story

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